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VoxPublic supports French organisations to challenge authorities in order to reduce discriminations, social injustices and corrupt practices.

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Rosmerta Association, in Avignon (South-East of France)

VoxPublic partnered with Rosmerta, an Avignon-based association recently created by several citizens’ groups supporting the sheltering of unaccompanied minors and homeless migrant families. More information in French on the following link.

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Paris d’Exil

VoxPublic works alongside Paris d’Exil to support them in raising awareness and correcting the dysfunctions of the Assessment Framework for foreign unaccompanied minors in Paris, a public service whose management was delegated by the City of Paris to the French Red Cross. More information in French on the following link.

+ infosRead Paris d’Exil in french

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VoxPublic provides civil society organisations with contacts and information to launch effective actions to challenge decision-makers

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