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VoxPublic supports French organisations to challenge authorities in order to reduce discriminations, social injustices and corrupt practices.

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General Estates of Migration (3rd phase)

VoxPublic supports and advises the 1,600 organisations involved in the General Estates of Migration’s momentum. These organisations have been working together since 2017 to denounce the plight of migrants in France and to propose alternatives to the successive governments’ repressive migration policies.
More information in French on the following link.

+ infosRead États Généraux des Migrations (3ème phase) in french

Social injustices

Municipal elections : Ending Slums campaign

As the 2020 municipal elections are coming up, Romeurope, an association supported by VoxPublic, launches an advocacy campaign targeting candidates and future representatives. The objective is to have them commit to an substantive policy on slum resorption and access to dignified and durable housing.

+ infosRead Municipales 2020, en finir avec les bidonvilles in french

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