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Vision and mission

VoxPublic is a French organisation whose aim is to support and strenghten actions lead by actors from civil society to challenge authorities in order to reduce injustices, disciminations and corrupt practices.
VoxPublic is at the service of actors from the civil society wherever they are in France. VoxPublic works for the respect of the best interest of citizens independently of states institutions and companies.

 What does VoxPublic want ?

  • We want a democracy that thrives on the wealth of experience and propositions from the civil society and organized citizens.
  • We want a civil society that is being heard from decision makers
  • We stand up for a diverse France, where no one, as an individual or as a group, is discriminated against
  • We dream of a country where the most vulnerable people are being heard and social injustices are fought against.
  • We expect those who are elected as representatives by the citizens, to behave in a transparent and exemplary manner

 What does VoxPublic do ?

VoxPublic is an independant organization who supports and advises members of the civil society and organized citizens in order to strengthen their capacity to take part in public discussions and call out political leaders.

VoxPublic advises civil society organizations (associations, groups, etc.) for their actions and campaigns. We provide them with unlimited and free access to professional expertise and strategic resources (such as directories, key documents and methodological guidance).

VoxPublic leads a network of high skilled volunteers, ready to share their know-how and support joint causes. VoxPublic supports the work of local, regional and national actors from the French civil society, fighting discriminations, social injustices and corruption and help them make their recommendations more relevant for public policy.

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