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Our know-how

VoxPublic is an organisation governed by the law of 1901. It makes its services available on a voluntary basis to victims of discrimination and social injustices and to organisations and citizen’s alliances wishing to challenge authorities.

VoxPublic has a permanent team of 4 people, specialists in advocacy related to associative issues and media relations. They provide assistance for the projects that we support.

We receive support from an « Agora » comprised of about 60 people from the associative world and equally from an active community of volunteers who mobilise their experiences and know-how for partners who have approached us.

 What VoxPublic propose

We consider expertise to be better acquired through experience and people directly affected are more legitimate to lead actions to challenge authorities to stand up their rights.

Advice on strategy

Before challenging authorities in an effective manner, the first step is to establish with the partner the basis of an action plan which takes into account their needs. We analyse with our partners their strengths and weaknesses to build a realistic strategy, fully consistent with the objectives and resources available.

Strengthening advocacy

Many steps are necessary to build a plea to challenge authorities : creating an action programme, identifying strategic targets, building a coalition and working on visibility (notably on the website and social networks).

Operational support

VoxPublic accompanies its partners in challenging authorities. We support you in writing your letters, official requests or public documents for the general public. We will also prepare you for the appointments you will get.

Communication and media relations

We help you in writing communication kits, notably for social networks, press releases and in organising press conferences. We ensure well-targetted contacts with journalists.

A participatory expertise

The community of VoxPublic is made up of a variety of profiles. They are willing to share their know-how to assist the projects we support. We use crowd sourcing and collective intelligence thanks to new digital tools as well as real encounters between members and partners.

Empowerment and autonomy

VoxPublic’s aim is not to do the work for the organisations that contact us, but to support partners so they can strengthen their capacity and expertise to challenge authorities. As a result, we see our work as an empowerment and continuous training. We always work from the proposals of our partners, which implies their involvement and supervision at each step.

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