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Social injustices

Cette situation est durement ressentie par celles et ceux qui la subissent. Elle est aggravée par la persistance d’inégalités sociales, qui sont vécues comme des injustices sociales. Selon que l’on se trouve dans un milieu aisé ou défavorisé, l’accès à des droits essentiels comme la santé, l’éducation, l’emploi ou le logement varie fortement, une situation contraire au principe d’égalité républicaine.

Des milliers d’associations sont engagées pour venir en aide aux personnes dont les droits ne sont pas effectifs. Mais les politiques publiques restent très en-deçà des besoins lorsqu’elles ne fragilisent pas un peu plus les systèmes éducatifs ou de santé par exemple. VoxPublic entend soutenir les acteurs de la société civile qui se battent contre ces injustices sociales.

Social injustices

Municipal elections : Ending Slums campaign

As the 2020 municipal elections are coming up, Romeurope, an association supported by VoxPublic, launches an advocacy campaign targeting candidates and future representatives. The objective is to have them commit to an substantive policy on slum resorption and access to dignified and durable housing.

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Social injustices

National Coalition for Associative Freedoms

On VoxPublic’s initiative, a new coalition composed of about eighteen associations has been created. Its aim is to promote and defend the rights of civil society actors and to provide response strategies to the political, financial, judicial and police repression endured by associations.

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Social injustices

French Coalition for a Guaranteed Minimum Income

« The universal income of activity will be universal solely in its name » warns Nicole Teke, member of the collective Right to Income which denounces the quoted government project along with an associations alliance, and with VoxPublic’s support.
More information in French on the following link.

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Social injustices

« School for all ! »

The National Collective for Human Rights / Romeurope (CNDH), VoxPublic partner, and a coalition of associations for the right to education has launched a campaign on 20 November 2018 to ensure children living in slums in France and unaccompanied minors have access to education. VoxPublic provides support to this campaign. More information in French on the following link.

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Social injustices

The Community Service Forum

The association Chantiers-Passerelles, organizer of the Community service forum, solicited VoxPublic in order to get help promoting the Community service as a credible alternative to jail sentences in the eyes of prison administration and parliament members. More information in French on the following link.

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Social injustices

Collective « Sans Toit, Pas Sans Nous » (Without roof, with us)

Social workers, inhabitants of the « Grands voisins », people living in reception center, artists, craftpersons and united citizens gathered in a collective named « Sans Toit Pas Sans Nous », in order to react to the threat of ejection put on people accommotated in reception centers. More information in French on the following link.

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Social injustices

New Solidarity for Housing

The organisation New Solidarity for Housing, currently engaged in the right to housing for populations in situations of exclusion and precarity, wishes to appeal to parliamentary candidates from the Ile-de-France region to obtain a hearing for its proposals. More information in French on the following link.

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Social injustices

Genepi - prison

Genepi is a student organization whose aim is to support incarcerated people, contested a political and budgetary penalty in response to positions criticized by the penitentiary system. More information in French on the following link.

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Social injustices

Not without us

The coordination “Not without us” asks for the creation of a “fund for the democratic citizens’ initiative” in order to finance debate and actions to reinforce local democracy. More information in French on the following link.

+ infosRead « Pas sans Nous » in french

Social injustices

25 Years of Slums

25 Years of Slums (25 ans de bidonvilles) aims to change the perception of the public, media and decision makers concerning the reality of living conditions in slums. More information in French on the following link.

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